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The Leader in

Linen Processing

for Hospitals and Clinics



Cutting-Edge and Environmentally Sound Facility

CENTRAL TEXAS LAUNDRY, LLC, is considered a state-of-the-art commercial laundry utilizing proven technology. This allows us to operate efficiently with a focus on safety and quality. In addition, the technology utilized reduces the impact on our natural resources and environment.

Industry-Leading Equipment:

2x Continuous Batch Washers • 2x Extractor Presses • 2x Multi-Tier Shuttles (Interconnected for Redundancy) • 10x "System" Type Natural Gas Dryers • 3x Steam Boilers • 6x Conventional Washers (Varying Sizes Up to 600 lbs.) • 7x Conventional Dryers (Varying Sizes Up to 500 lbs.) • 3x Ironer Lines Including Automated Feeders/Folders/Stackers • 2x Blanket Blaster Systems • 7x Small Piece Folders • Dissolved Air Floatation System • Extensive Heat Recovery Systems • Environmentally Responsible Chemical System